Re: Xeotam dialogues

From: Jeff <richaje_at_LeFQvMGtUDHk-MVDU2pehvWAuuYKxCOTZRhLmy1HTgNRwNyk-_ZJAE0IB5ZvX0wQGkI6>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 06:22:28 -0000

> Then aren't sorcerers just like shamans compelling "small gods" instead of spirits?

Shamans negotiate with spirits through personal interactions, bargains and bribes. Their interaction with the Otherworld is not predictable and logical; it is ecstatic.

Sorcerers don't negotiate with gods or spirits. They compel them. They understand what makes them tick, how the *must* behave, and exploit it. This is logical, structured, and predictable.

> And what is now the difference between the God Learners and the usual Third Age malkioni wizard?

The God Learners explored, and later exploited, the mythology of the gods to gain greater understanding of them (so that they would be easier to compel). Most Third Age Malkioni sects hold this to have been evil. Organized sects like the New Hrestoli or the Rokari patrol their own wizards and investigate rumors that wizards are transgressing against the law. Fortunately, most of the God Learner grimoires have been lost.....


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