Re: Sprucing up the Western Calendar

From: Stephen Tempest <glorantha_at_BzvtShe_aZ4_QNs2OweHTyVUr5-211A4evK2t-DUK2wi1r2hbBgw2wNZX5Rkchlyro>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 12:57:44 +0000

"Daniel" <> writes:

>2) Correspondences with other calendars - simply put, might that exist? Certainly important agricultural festivals (not observed in the cities!) might happen at more or less the same times.

It seems to me that the so-called 'Heortling' calendar, with each day, week and season assigned a specific rune, is quite likely to be a God Learner artefact. Their wizards would have studied the cycles of time and the flows of magic, noting that, for example, the third week of each season is especially propitious for death magic. The fact that pagan worshippers of death gods generally schedule their holy days in that week is merely proof that even primitive heathens can sometimes glimpse the truth of the universe through the veils of their ignorance.

Of course the God Learner calendar with its pretentions to universality would have been a compromise - also known as a bodge job - and there are doubtless many individual local variations to how time is measured.


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