Re: Sprucing up the Western Calendar

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Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 07:04:55 -0000

Me:>> It would be interesting to know whether the Vithelans remember other numbers of days per year (or similar greater cycle).

bryan thexton:

> Maybe they don't worry about years?

> In a land with fairly constant (or at least, non-seasonally varying) weather, do they experience enough annual cycles to really care?

They do have the annual Hurricane Season, mitigated by the Veldru winds, but still major bad weather.

> Possibly it could matter because it predicts winds or currents, but then again they could just treat it as "after the winds have mostly come from the north-west for long enough, a warm current will rise from the south, and after that the wind will start mostly blowing from the south" without trying to predict exactly when these changes happen. After all, you can't change these things, even if you had a calendar it wouldn't control those things, so really what is the point?

Fish swarms will migrate along such patterns, too, meaning that there is food to be had for those who follow such patterns.

> (and likewise, festivals/holy days/etc could happen "When the Red Leaping Fish return" or "When the 7th turtle star clears the horizon at for the entire night" or "When the mystics call for it"

like anywhere else, yes.            

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