Yemalio Serves His Father

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In a time of great excitement and swearing of fealty Yemalio decided that he would go to his father and swear his fealty as well. His mother smiled indulgently at him and said, "Yemalio fealty to your liege is proper and righteous but you are still a baby. You cannot go to your father and swear an oath of fealty. You must wait until you are grown." Saying this she kissed him on the forehead and blew out the lamp and left him in his cradle. But Yemalio said, "I cannot wait. My father needs me. I must go and swear my loyalty to him." So he crawled over the side of his cradle, picked up his rattle and crawled out the window. He dropped to the ground and started crawling off towards the brightness in the distance he knew was his father.

As he crawled along he came upon Griffin who lazed atop a rock basking in Yelm's brightness. Griffin looked down at the young god and spoke. "Where are you off to my tasty little morsel? Would you like to stay to dinner?" Yemalio looked up at the great beast, sat up calmly and shook his rattle at the great beast. The rattle was so loud that Griffin was startled. He ruffled his feathers and arched his back. Sitting back on his haunches he spoke again, "Oh, is that you Son of Yelm? I did not recognize you. Where are off to on this fine day?" "I am on my way to swear fealty to my father." Griffin smiled at him. "Well that certainly is the proper thing to do but you are not a beast like me. You cannot come before your father on all fours. You must march into his presence like a man." Yemalio frowned at this. "You are right. I must walk like a man." Saying this he pulled himself upright using the rock Griffon was resting on. He took a few hesitant steps before finding his stride. He swung his rattle on his shoulder and set off towards the brightness. He called back over his shoulder, "Thank you Griffon."

Next he came upon the Shargash who was guarding Yelm's presence. "Halt" he said. "Who goes there and what is your purpose here?" "I am the Son of Yelm and I am here to swear fealty to my father." Shargash nodded. "That is fitting and proper. But," he said holding up his mace to bar the way. "You cannot go into Yelm's presence garbed as you are." Yemalio looked down at his swaddling clothes and his rattle and nodded. "You are right brother. But where am I to find the proper garb?" He looked around but the only ones present were himself and Shargash. He looked at his brother. "Would you lend me your clothes so I can stand before my father." Shargash laughed at the idea. "What? And then I would wear your swaddling clothes and bear your rattle?" "Please brother, for my sake?" asked Yemalio. Shargash shook his head ruefully and sighed. "All right then for our kinship." They swapped clothes and Shargash stood at guard wearing swaddling clothes and wielding a rattle. Yemalio put on Shargash's clothes and armour and swung his mace onto his shoulder with great difficulty. Shargash swung the great doors open and gestured for Yemalio to enter.

He turned towards his father's brilliance and hesitated. What if his father was displeased to see him? His father's radiance was fearful to see. He could not see the gods within the great room. He steeled himself though and entered. Once he entered the brightness lessened so that he could see the gods and goddess within. He saw his uncles and brothers arranged in order of precedence and his aunts and sisters along the side walls. Ahead he saw his father on his throne with his mother beside him. She smiled at him and nodded her approval. He walked towards his father and sunk in obeisance.

There was a smile in Yelm's voice when he asked, "Who is this mighty warrior I see before me? He must be mighty indeed to be here before me wearing Shargash's armour and bearing his mace. Arise mighty one and tell us of your lineage." Yemalio arose and after a bit of stumbling explained his rightful place in the world. Yelm nodded and spoke. "Welcome my son why are you here?"

"Father, I am here to prove my fealty and loyalty to you. I would serve you as it pleases you." "Rise my son. You please me right well. It is very fit that you serve me. I would give you gifts so you may serve me better. " Yemalio rose and Yelm gave to him arms and armour that suited his status as a soldier. "But every gift comes with a price so as to remind you that it wasn't easy for you to make your way here." Once he was garbed and armed Yemalio turned to face his kin and they cheered at his righteous behaviour.


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