Re: Herdmen was Cannibalism in Prax

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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 01:52:14 +0800

On 21/02/2012, at 11:40 PM, Jeff wrote:

>> 	Speaking of cannibalism, and a Western perspective - I was reading through the story of the Crusades in Arcane Lore, and I noticed that the Basmoli are said to have invoked the dark powers of the Cannibal God in their battle with Hrestol's people. Seems reasonable that this is the Cannibal Cult, more or less. 

> Probably not. And take that whole section with a grain of salt, along with much of Arcane Lore. The book is largely consist of notes, thoughts, and first drafts - much of which has already been rejected, revised, or thoroughly reconsidered.

        Shooting down a fun theory that seems to more or less fit the available facts, because you could 'probably' find something somewhere, is a bit tedious. But assuming I am ignorant about the nature of a source like Arcane Lore, after 20 odd years of conversations about Glorantha, isn't that a bit condescending?

        While I came across that quote while idly leafing through Arcane Lore, it was originally published as an article in TOTRM, and so is one of the few bits that doesn't qualify as a note, a thought or a first draft - it was, in fact, properly polished up for publication by Greg at the time. And while it may be an old source, and clearly some parts of it may be revised or reconsidered, there isn't any particular reason to think the specific details I am referencing there would change much with recent work - while I obviously realise you and Greg have been doing a heap of work on the Malkioni, it is clear from your recent writing (eg your writing on First Age Safelster from last year) that the Pendali are still Basmoli, and hsunchen (and so spirit magic users). I guess there could be two cannibal spirit practices, or the otherwise spirit using Basmoli could be turning to some other cannibal god, or this single little detail about the Basmoli turning to darker practices could have been excised for no obvious reason, but there doesn't seem a good reason to assume any of these.

        But it doesn't really matter if it is changed. I thought it was reasonable clear that that little historical detail was inspirational, but not necessary for what I was saying. It just makes sense to me that if there is a spirit magic practice that allows you to gain power from those you devour, carnivore hsunchen seem the most natural users of that magic. Assuming that they would always carefully avoid doing so seems counter intuitive, assuming a whole separate cannibal cult spirit tradition seems unnecessary - and if there is a link, or at least an association, between the two it makes a lot of sense, and presents a few fun possibilities.         


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