Re: Herdmen was Cannibalism in Prax

From: Jeff <richaje_at_pSMviRPb4SbKJTPF3RHbQSwqofhlOL2utEXpyFOrpAd56WBRiSHa3eYCK-13dnm3tobB>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2012 20:55:51 -0000

> > Sure. But as I said - I know you are working on the West, I've been following it as close as I'm able, and particularly noted that there have no signs you've been changing the Basmoli/Pendali much.

The Pendali are lion-worshiping theists, with some strong spirit magic traditions. They worship a pantheon of gods that includes Worlath, Lodik, Nakala, Tilnta, Zrethus, and others - which is the same gods embraced by the Dawn Age Seshnegi. They were defeated militarily by Hrestol and magically by Froalar.

Does that constitute changes?

> Sure, but in the sources there is a pretty clear implication that the Basmoli are using magic that is beyond their usual - they are making a point of threatening to destroy their enemies souls, not just bodies. Of course, the Basmoli could just be talking themselves up, but I see no reason to assume that. Why should the Basmoli only ever have one trick in their book?

Why should the only way to destroy enemies body and soul be the Hungry Ghosts? Then again, the West has lots of folks who destroy their enemies' souls - Vadeli and Brithini both tend to do that a lot.


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