Re: Cannibalism in Earth cults (was: Herdmen was Cannibalism in Prax)

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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 13:28:01 -0000

Richard Hayes:

> Knew about human sacrifice on the dark side of Earth Worship, even in Earth worship that is just about within the Ernaldan pantheon (Ana Gor, Maran Gor(?)). Though presumably it is only in extreme circumsntaces that rites like these ever become more than a secret cult that the rest of society would think of as depraved if it knew about it. For example I could imagine some of the wilder Orlanthi partisans in Eastern Tarsh going this way, and I could also imagine it becoming a bit more more widespread (and open) during the time of Orlanth is Dead, when the Winds dropped.

Western Tarsh was first settled by the descendants of Porscriptor the Cannibal (and Infithe Vingkotsdaughter).

> Didn't know that these human sacrifices included cannibalism too.

I don't think so, either. I rather thought of the bodyguard of the Shaker Priestess, or of the blood-beer of Babeester (which is liquid intake of humans...)

> If so, how is this squared with the more usual Heortling view that cannibalism will make you turn into a ghoul or orge?

I guess if you fill a different role in a rite or quest while consuming humans the danger of slipping into Chaos territory is minimal.            

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