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One of the main issues with Mongoose's early Glorantha books was the fact that most of the writers just weren't familiar with Glorantha and badly misinterpreted much of the content of MSE. When I came onboard I worked very closely with Jeff, Greg and Rick to correct the position and this resulted in the likes of Dragonewts, Mostali and Dara Happa Stirs. All three of these titles directly referenced accepted canon and, in titles that followed, I spent perhaps 80% of the prep time reading and double checking canonical material (and sifting canon from non with Greg and Jeff's help).

With the second edition of Glorantha the Second Age, Cults of Glorantha and Abiding Book, MSE was referenced extensively and daft errors like Alakoring's birth were corrected. I'd like to think that the work I did on the Glorantha line for Mongoose came as close to canon as I could possibly get. Where something was ambiguous or mentioned in passing, I checked before expanding it to make sure that the subsequent material would fit with the current world-view.

Design Mechanism's license for Glorantha is very clear that anything we produce MUST be passed by Moon Design. As this is the way we always worked anyway, I'm confident that any RQ6 materials will fit into the canon as currently perceived and strived for.

There *were* some poor Mongoose books - but for some honest and understandable reasons. Hell, I was tasked with producing for them a Babylon 5 book (a series I know SFA about) and was royally, and rightly, vilified for the resulting mess. I can appreciate how some of the early Glorantha Mongoose writers would make similar mistakes given the sheer weight of material out there. However the Mongoose Glorantha stuff did improve and did so because Jeff, Greg and I made it work. We'll make future RQ Glorantha books work in the same way.

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> YGWV. Canon is an irrelevance to me for that reason. I'll follow MGF, and
> if i am wrong on a detail I won't worry, and likewise I won't worry if
> something I like was taken from Reaching Moon, Unspoken Word, Ian Thomson,
> Stafford Library, Tradetalk, Moon Designs or Enclosure, or just made up by
> me. I'll use Thunder Rebels and Storm Tribe and the Gazetteer of Dragon
> Pass, cos I have them and they have good stuff in :) In short I'll just go
> with what works for my story. I can see why Moon Design don't want to worry
> about Mongoose stuff, and vice versa. There may be license issues too I
> guess in using each other copyrights etc?
> I must disagree with the claim Mongoose Second Age books were poor (but I
> enjoyed ILH 1 & 2 a great deal as well) - Darra Happa Stirs is as I have
> remarked before one of the very very best rpg campaigns I have played in 30
> years, and many of the books were excellent. I was amazed by how many list
> members did not seem to be familiar with the series, but then I do try and
> buy pretty much anything Glorantha based, when money allows. Apart from a
> bizarre reference to Alakoring as a child in the original Ralios
> supplement, at a time when I thought he was uniting the Orlanthi of Ralios
> against the EWF, I did not notice any continuity glitches. If there were
> any, well Mongoose were at the time licensed by Greg, and so I assumed he
> approved their material and it was correct and earlier sources incorrect. I
> never really got on with the Clanking City book, and Ruins of Glorantha
> really was not my cup of tea, but I have had a lot of fun with the Mongoose
> books, and am really looking forward to the New Deign Mechanism RQ6.
> Obviously I really love the new Heroquest books, and am still working my
> way through SKoH and TSC and am eagerly awaiting Pavis! They are of an
> extremely high quality, and I really enjoy them. (I was a huge fan of the
> old Hero Wars trade paperbacks too, Thunder Rebels and Storm Tribe, among
> the best rpg books i ever read, and I loved the core HQ 1st ed rulebook.) I
> never really got in t the Pavis companion series, but I have never had any
> opportunity to use them yet, and I certainly will do with suitable
> modifications when I run Pavis.
> However first I want to run Pavis from Mongoose - it's a good book,
> interesting sounding adventures, and while it lacked the wow! factor for me
> of Dara Happa Stirs (or Blood Over Gold which I still have not run ;() I
> really look forward to trying it. I was disappointed that there will be no
> references based on Second Age stuff in the Guide to Glorantha - I mean I
> expected it to be third age based of course, but in the history i would
> have preferred references to Second Age Mongoose material where that
> material was approved by and originated with Greg, if any did.
> I had no idea that MSE was contradicted in the 2nd ed books though -- I'm
> going to have to go read it again now! I do find at times though there does
> seem to be a bit of an anti-RQ vibe, and maybe even an anti-HQ1 vibe on the
> list. I really loved both games, though I know their flaws like I know all
> my old loves weaknesses. I don't think there is one true way to play in
> Glorantha. We are all us.
> cj x
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