A dark Highlight in HQ campaign

From: hcarteau_at_NR2XAfZUTwA8SreVUMrnuXi1xO7Y6yRTrPuu26Y8rrZxZmY37jDrmbkxDwawh0v2rLu
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 18:51:47 +0100 (CET)

One of my fondest memories, as a GM, in my Fay Jee campaign, was when the PCs ruthlessly manipulated and innocent NPC to prevent him from winning a highly political canoe race. They summoned the ghost of his dead lover, who had perished in a fire, using Sorcery ("Call the Ghost of the Sinner" spell). The bottled the ghost and sicced her on the NPC as he was on his way to win the race. They even forced the ghost to shift from beautiful girl to burnt hag. The NPC fainted in terror, fell overboard and almost drowned. They saved him but he was a gibbering wreck, with all his hairs turned white.

To their credit, they did pay for his prolonged care by the Xemelan sister afterwards. But when I nagged them to have the PC express remorse or guilt, none came. They were a ruthless, tough-minded group of bastards.

Of course, I sicced the same burnt girl ghost on them when Hell got lose in Fay Jee a year later... they weren't too happy to see her again.            

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