Re: Rhino Helm

From: Lord Hennamono <lord_at_xSM5Jfd5tiQ_9H-Igf0DAsEn2SH92SKsqg_CdDrdeotFyWrXzXSvYDvfxD4qLp6CPFuwgJw>
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2012 20:48:10 +0000

On 02/03/12 14:33, Daniel wrote:
> Indeed - especially tricksters, as I keep wondering how people actually use them in their

Eurmal is IMHO a god of many faces.

Kevin was a drunkard and a coward with a wicked sense of humour but there was no malice in him. He just did stupid things,

Facing down the Krashtkids was perhaps his most stupid (and inevitably his last) but it did buy time (whether that was his intention who knows) for the Uroxi to get in position to do something about the situation...            

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