Re: Uzuz

From: Tim <tim_at_AkF5L_C60vxkmGU3E7WM2bgJsH9jBFrmzNw6lWM4WA7lQ7WOLStvIaxUBlTJrwiZHo-uuSLD>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 15:59:08 -0000

Whatever sort of Troll Arkat was, one thing he certainly wasn't "Ordinary".

I think he was *classed* as Uzuz, but that may be more as a reult of who he was and what he achieved than any "biology"...

I'd agree with the general opinion that short of a Heroquest, an Uzuz can only be born to Uzuz parents, and even this is rare since the Trolls left Wonderhome for the surface world. If trolls knew how to reliably breed Uzuz, then they would be well on the way to being free of the Trollkin curse            

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