illumination for the dead

From: hcarteau_at_m54cGBh91WwXqxWEMjredEQt9PVHAEUpP3WRYcKQZ0fyfLc-xoF0VqjqQAGhdroCQ9h
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 21:05:47 +0100 (CET)

De: "simon_hibbs2" <>

On the one hand, the underworld has no connection to the transcendent. I suppose dead things, in the sense of things that have been destroyed, have lost the power to change, grow or evolve.

The uz underworld isn't Death to me, it's their paradise in Darkness. Only humans equate darkness with death. Uz are very alive in Wonderhome !

Also, I don't see why dead beings couldn't experience Illumination / Enlightenement / Nirvana / Ataraxia / Dissolution / Union with the Cosmos / Whatever you want to call it. Dying is a step that does change one's outlook. PC types have interesting deaths and don't go directly to their cultural underworld ! As we all know, dying is painful and terrifying, but Death is a Beginning...            

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