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Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 20:56:37 -0000

The ratio of uzko/enlo in a troll society varies greatly depending on location and even clan.

roughly 50% of births are enlo, in litters that average 6 or so. so ~6 enlo are born for each dark troll. Of those, approximately half are too useless to do anything with but eat, which drops the ratio to 1/3 or a 75% "maximum" natural percentage of trollkin. Mortality and mistreatment generally cuts that significantly, bringing the percentage in some populations down to 50% or even lower.

Specific areas or clans may have much higher or lower percentages - the Kingdom of ignorance has a very high percentage of trollkin, and Xiola Umbar clans tend to have less mortality, and attract runaways, giving them a much higher percentage than normal.

The number of Great Trolls depends entirely on how many mothers are willing to risk the pain and danger of birthing them, but probably averages ~10% of the Uzko population.

Consequently, population numbers for "trolls" can be somewhat misleading if you don't take into account the ratio for that specific area.

> Also presumably the curve is thrown a bit by youngish male Dark Trolls having a high mortality rate because they are given dangerous martial things that Trollkin cannot be trusted to do/trusted with the weapons to do.
> Then there are the ones who join Zorak Zoran ...

Don't underestimate the Dangers of Motherhood and Uz Magic... childbirth is hard and dangerous, even without the mythical dangers and challenges facing Uz. In addition, troll magic is a dark and scary thing - when your ancestors are all Demons from Hell, even the family shrine can be a terrible and deadly place for the careless or unlucky.

Wonderhome was a wonderful place in part because death and injury were no big deal... Troll ancestors may not realize (or care) that their modern offspring only get to die once, and will casually kill or maim their worshippers without a second thought if not approached in exactly the right way. And that is what passes for "Friendly" magic amongst the Uz...

I maintain that the mortality rate of young female uz isn't all that much lower than for males... otherwise Troll reproduction rates would be fairly close to those of humans, which has clearly not been the case through time. 10 women and 2 men can produce babies at pretty much exactly the same rate as 10 women and 20 men, so male mortality is not much of a damper on long term population growth.            

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