holy sites in Pent?

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Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2012 18:13:40 -0000

In the game I'm running for me son, he's about to head from Pavis into Pent, and I'm looking for a suitably interesting place to conceal their goal

The backstory that I've set up is that while the Praxians have pushed the 'border' between the territories north over the past centuries, a few generations back a Pentan horde struck back. The Praxians had centuries of practice at fighting fire wielding Pentans...but had not been ready for the first of those following great spirtis of Storm (this was per the RQ3 Genertela book, don't know if that is still in the canon, but obviously it now is in my game). They devasted all before them for a year, then returned north, not to return. It was known that they took most of their loot to (some cool place) and left it there as a sign of their victories (nomads will only haul around so much with them)

One of the pieces of loot they took away was one of the last, useless, holy relics of the Basmoli. Taking a queue from a mention on this list where in the boat raising a lion was awakened, I've said that the Basmoli have made halting contact with this new lion spirit/god, and are hoping that their old regalia will help them with this. Without going into the whole entanglement, the hero of the campaign has agreed to help (bringing along a trio of grim humakti who want the hero's sword--somewhere in this I need to give him a chance to win a cooler sword--so overall the party is heavy on physical assault, mediocre on magic. Although there is an NPC shaman who could go along to help on that front).

I don't want them to have to try and chase people all over Prax (there is a schedule of world events I'm trying to keep up with), so the target should be not horribly hard to reach from Prax.

I can, and had planned on, just making something up. But then it occured to me to see what the minds of this list might be able to suggest. I'm thinking ancient ruins, a holy site, the one settlement of farmers who have been there since the dawn, or whatever other permanent place that a group might be likely to use as a place to leave a sort of monument to their success.            

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