Re: Orlanthi and looting of the dead.

From: hcarteau_at_VoaiKuizAG793DTDYSJf_r8KGG5psY6hdKR38NlItxarnMnTZ2SnU_uV1HKPsERJB6p
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2012 18:32:41 +0200 (CEST)

If you loot my ancestor's grave, I kill you and then do something horrible to your spirit, such as turning into a ghost, binding it into your rotting corpse - you get the spirit.

If you loot Something Dangerous on my territory (EWF grave, etc.), I kill you for trespassing - just business.

If you loot my ennemies' ancestors' graves, I might even help you doing it.

If you loot foreigners' graves, I don't give a damn. They eat babies anyway.


I've been looking for some information regarding how Orlanthi view looting of the dead. What is considered proper, what is tolerated and what is frowned upon? I assume there are different views depending on who the dead are. Other Orlanthi are probably treated differently than non-Orlanthi, or is it clan/tribe that governs this so that Orlanthi from other tribes are ok to loot? Does it make a difference how they died? The dead set up an ambush but was killed in the action; The dead was ambushed and killed; The dead were killed in a battle.

Any input anyone? Or any sources on the topic?

Thanks and regards,

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