Grimoire Ability rating

From: Mark <markmohrfield_at_4MAnrM5RVSLRhZlSW3z6ZT2h5n6MZAU89UarIhEMMWY2NTDs560kkAQ0Ihz-ru>
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2012 22:40:46 -0000

I notice that some of the sample characters in Pavis seem to receive their Grimoire ratings as part of their keywords(Makor as part his Stonemason and Citizen of the Real City, Tolkazi as part of his Moon Rune) , yet the description on pg 365 and the HeroQuest rulebook both state that the Grimoire ability is itself a keyword. Of course, Lunars always are a bit weird, but that still leaves the others:) Was this an oversight? My big, fat guess is that it is in Makor's case, but I'm less certain about Tolkazi's.

(Jorgar also gets hers as part of her Law rune ratin of course, but we already know how that works.)

                                                   Mark Mohrfield



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