Short Review of Sartar Kingdom of Heroes

From: chris jensen romer <chrisjensenromer_at_B7ROpMjroXe1-f-FfbzesUdAC8c4eS2RUUGV_KNXElw5gjs8qqi7Qgghml3>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2012 21:19:57 +0000

 I tend to enjoy reviewing books, and while i should be working on finishing the rpg books i have been commisioned to write, I took some time out to write a review of Sartar Kingdom of Heroes. It probably is not much use to readers of this list who have already probably bought the book! still just in case anyone interested it's at -

I will review The Sartar Comoanion next. :)

cj x                                                

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