Re: How Orlanth helped Chalana Arroy to fight Malia

From: Pomeroi <pomeroi_at_a8Udy7Sx_NoF2MJ3J52LkB5mn8M2_sqxp-4QtaQw0Hs2bskG5IiERmhS1O-rsCcmsHpn>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 22:48:06 +0200

On 10.04.2012 19:25, wrote:
> - The Humakt solution sounds like the modern approach we often watch
> in movies about epedemic plagues out of controll: concentrate plagued
> people in one spot and use napalm or a nuclear weapon...
> /// Only in zombie movies, and they're dead things already - dead
things that shouldn't move around.

Not only this kind. I was thinking "Outbreak" and there are quite some more examples. The morale here is like this: You know you can save ALL OTHERS by sacrificing SOME... unless there is this D.Hoffman character, of course :-)
I am sure Humakt would try to find a way out, but what if he can't find one?

> And I thought my idea had potential from dramatic tension, "do you
dare do it or not ??? It's all in your hands.". But my preferred solution these days is : let the players figure something out. They'll surprise you, you'll surprise them, and you'll probably create Something New which then you'll share with us !

I agree. It is always up to the players. I am eagerly awaiting the flow of decisions and actions my HeroBand is going to choose. But they will be hinted towards the Heler solution. I try to offer a Y-junction (or even more-way) while they are in a stop-over in Storm Village.


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