Re: How Orlanth helped Chalana Arroy to fight Malia

From: David Cake <dave_at_x6dNki9P4HGgDSMqUC3ym56vqHqXB4Y8yjKhS4pkEdTyU6lAFDbFomfGuUIP7CiRxMhWbam>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 12:44:45 +0800

On 11/04/2012, at 1:25 AM, wrote:

> - The Humakt solution sounds like the modern approach we often watch in movies about epedemic plagues out of controll: concentrate plagued
> people in one spot and use napalm or a nuclear weapon...
> /// Only in zombie movies, and they're dead things already - dead things that shouldn't move around. And I thought my idea had potential from dramatic tension, "do you dare do it or not ??? It's all in your hands.". But my preferred solution these days is : let the players figure something out. They'll surprise you, you'll surprise them, and you'll probably create Something New which then you'll share with us !
> Humakt with Nukes ? Hm...

	Having the Humakt nuclear option on the table (with a lot of potential collateral damage) is a great way to motivate your players to come up with a different solution. 


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