Monasticism in Glorantha

From: giannieanna <giannieanna_at_Fxdu-Sc8OXXm3XzhqBy4oLPz19vWNDQP9FClBIEOkYx4ut_qwe1_rH1NP7mwTvwZ>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 09:26:58 -0000

Hi all

What is the status of monasticism in Glorantha? The (less described) Orient set aside, I do not have the impression that monks are oft mentioned in Gloranthan canon. Now that the canonical West is supposed to be less mediaeval European-like, I gather this tendency will even be on the rise.

Unless, of course, I've missed something.

BTW-- since my campaign is set in the Second Age, I welcome information about Imperial Age monasticism.


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