Re: Forums are now up at the Moon Design home page

From: Tim <tim_at_veyFFV0IShRPGeR5OpSVhqiQVMbTMraxkMIYYAfMAEa_p3gRTHE7yZT39VPDsqPiCecwe0Cw>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 09:08:13 -0000

Me too.

Email gets delivered automatically, Forums require you to go and look at them, and then work out which topics are new, and which messages in old topics are new.

If The Design Mechanism had an E-mail discussion list I'd know what was going on with RQ6. As they have a Forum I have two accounts, neither of which I can remember, and have visited about half a dozen times maximum in total

...And maybe it's just me, but I've never found Forum search tools to be particularly effective either...            

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