Re: Parrot People and Other Questions - Cragspider

From: Tim <tim_at_qfOQFQjcNYuASsDkk77ZoFQfn93BEkbFgYuGhngDrCa35OPcGnwdqzE4_XW7BUBC2Rtjdq9c>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 19:26:47 -0000

I'm sure that Cragspider could be killed, though what the consequences might be, and whether her killer would prove worse than she is is another question.

There is more information on Cragspider in the resources on the moon design website - - she is an old darkness spirit going back to at least the start of the Storm Age (IIRC White Bear & Red Moon implies she goes back to the Green Age) with a true Dragon as an ally...

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