Re: Heler Initiation Ritual (and other Heler mythos trivia)

From: Daniel <von_das_at_AsLexcaHRyvp8Agmh_neNdXo04_kcZyH5t84djY7hrnOEGkhZLXUJBkndiqiBio7dnik>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 17:18:15 -0000

Well, one of them is decidedly leaning towards Ereltharol the Black Ram, the other wants to be a healer, so I will direct him to Yuhurol the Golden Ram. Nice and non-overlapping. :)

That aside, I've encountered a lot of very interesting if confusing information on Heler during my research since the previous posts. For instance, isn't Aroka also the same as Sshorga? They certainly appear very different, in any case, and from a mystical viewpoint it does make perfect sense that Orlanth had to free Heler from the Blue Dragon if Heler is a part of its watery body - though in any case, this would be one of those things the Orlanthi wouldn't know.

Also fascinating is the mention that Heler knows the secret of the Young God. Isn't the Young God Yelm, at least in some versions? I wonder how it ties into water's ability to invade the Sky.

As for the initiation itself, I'm thinking it might also involve Elmal at some point, to introduce the initiate to the rivalry. After all, that's one of the things they're supposed to carry away from it, as per the cult write-up. And there is the obvious option of having an actual Elmali initiate unwittingly end up in it, starting a more personal rivalry...

I agree that the sub-cult initiation would be a good way to theme it. The Ereltharol escapes from Ui and fights Chaos, the Yuhurol is freed from Aroka and woos Esrola.

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