Re: Eclipses in GLorantha

From: Santo Sengupta <aumshantih_at_6Q9wqTpOvIHbnbqGVa0yuFhPt9LQHvGiMU9wQ2_MqfbaYyMWj4LPzTMWh32sCoLUB>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 12:39:09 -0400


Eclipses, Blood Suns and the like showed up a few times in my Lunar Missionaries visit Teshnos/Vithela/Kralorela campaign that ended years ago.

 In all cases, they were the results of HeroQuesting, as many malign cults (Thanatar, Sekever, Baski) tried to disrupt the succession of Zitrs in Teshnos. In the end, it all presaged the arrival of the Seventh Fiery Form.

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