Re: Lunar heroquesting

From: Trezaae <lokamayadon_at_ao39DsDKJviADpY5wC6dlLP6qfR63n-d0yn9GKGGx0aQ1PKz-sHQVnp9kv_eBAs2>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 06:09:29 -0000

> Well, as the questioner was asking how the version of Lunar magic presented in the Pavis book might be presented in terms of RQ mechanics, it is not terribly helpful to point him to something that has no connection to it. Regardless of whether your Glorantha varies.
> Jeff

Yes it is true but I thanks everybody for their contribution, because as we don't have the rules, any help could be interresting and could permit to us to imagine something if needed during play            

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