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Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 14:39:00 +0100 (BST)

Surely Brave New World is the opposite of Loskalm -- its Alphas and Epsilons are much more like high-tech Rokarism, or maybe even the Mostali? 

Though to me the Mostali differ from the Malkioni in that their caste system is not (as?) pyramidal. Officially they consider their eight or nine castes to be "separate but equal", even though some castes exist to teach or manage the others. Hell, maybe the Mostali even have enough of a hive mind for this to be largely true? Or do the Mostali have more of a 1984 edge to them -- in which some privileged castes (or groupings within those castes?), are "party members" rather than "proles"?

Richard Hayes

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Keith wrote:
> I'm loving the art direction guides, and the West looks great in my
> opinion.

Such things are, of course, subjective :)

> I don't regard Loskalm as some sort of Medieval Third Reich but the
> invented theoretical governments of Plato, Utopia,

Yes; Plato was one of my listed inspirations. I considered adding More's Utopia, but decided that I don't really know enough about it to honestly claim it as an inspiration.

> Brave New World,the Houyhnhnms, even Mega City One, could all be part
> of the mix.

Hmm... wouldn't have added any of those three myself.

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