RE: Describing dragon newt magic?

From: chris jensen romer <chrisjensenromer_at_u8s0CBGCGwKar4RZiosrVoPH6ULsiY29NAFc47ZVWSZtfcjHS47mtMoiQXx>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 23:39:36 +0000

I created a Dragonewt behaviour flowchart once, using an old Wyrm's Footnotes I think for inspiration. Then I simply had the dragonewts respond ot any given character based on the colour of the players shirt that week, each colour being keyed to a specific behaviour. Worked well as I recall, but was a long time ago

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From: Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 15:09:31 +0000
Subject: Describing dragon newt magic?          

      Any suggestions for narrating dragon newt magic?  

Heroquest does a nice job of making the mechanics moot, it is really decide what I want them to be able to do, and with what score. But I want facing dragon newts to cause some of that sense of awe and worry about the unknown. Hence looking at how to describe it better.

Anyone have references from existing books to point me at, or their own ideas of what works well for this?                                                                       

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