Re: Absolutely loving the new Glorantha material

From: Mark <markmohrfield_at_YQYGPBgvAG07njhu-pX3JTn-XyI2GygCleBx_YQIWGYkXirL6uUYW0RFA_4A_0>
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2012 19:01:58 -0000

> The analogue that comes to mind is enthusiastic embracing of Nuclear power and atomic weapons... in the fifties style. Radium used for self illuminating watch dials, uranium in glassware to give them that special shine... What could go wrong? :D
> -Adept

Your analogy actually supports the Lunar POV, because it consists of people mishandling something that is potentially dangerous, but not evil.

                                                  Mark Mohrfield


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