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> I'm specifically looking at Sartar and environs here. Obviously there will be some events
> so big that people everywhere know that something has happened (battle of Iceland,
> Dragonrise, etc), but for things like, say, Queen Betti re-asserting herself amongst the
> Colymar, news will travel more manually than divinely I'd presume.

Well I don't think major events are that well known instantly across Sartar. There are some individuals who are sufficently powerful to realise that something has happened and they will have some clue as to what and how it is reflected on the Hero Plane. For the details and how it will affect people locally they will have to wait for a human messager.  

> In your Glorantha are there Mastokos heralds whizzing along the roads to pass along major
> news? Is it passed clan to clan, maybe going quickly through some tribes but missing some
> clans altogether? Are there drum signals to pass the news along quickly? Is it mostly at the
> whim of whatever travellers are moving around?

I see important people sending messages to other important people telling them what the sender wants the receiver to know. How fast they travel will depend on the importance of the message to the sender. The messanger will request hospitality from friendly clans along their route and in return give their view of what's happened which probably won't be the whole story although I don't think they would lie. From those stopping places news would spread from stead to stead, clan to clan.

> I guess beyond just peak speed I'm wondering about pervasiveness.
> My campaign has moved a little beyond the dragon rise, and everything is in flux, and I'm
> trying to get a feel for how much each group is operating based on local status, versus
> how well informed they are of the changing situation.

I'd say the situation and most people are confused. They will know something big happened and a dragon has eaten a lot of people.

Likely stories that are making the rounds include:

1. Kallyr has allied with a dragon and driven the Lunars out of Sartar.
2. The dragons have risen again and are going to kill everyone in Dragon Pass.
3. The Lunars are holding out in Boldhome and have sent another army under Fazzur to 
teach the rebels a lesson.
Donald Oddy


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