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> Calling ompalam, or the red moon, or gbaji, or malia, or krjalk,
> "chaotic" seems meaningless. "Chaos" as we understand it is the
> orlanthi (heortling orlanthi) definition. But the world is vast, and
> not everybody knows of chaos.
> The malkioni don't know chaos and don't have a word for it. What they
> have are krjalki, which means "demons", evil sorcerers, gbajites :
> this is all evil, but not chaotic.

FWIW, they do in my Glorantha. Sure, things like broo are a type of krjalki, and those who use chaos magic are a type of evil sorcerer, but they still recognise chaos as a category. Many probably don't regard it as any worse than, say, elves, or Vadeli, and many may not care much about the distinction - 'if it's evil and wants to destroy my way of life, that's all I need to know' - but that's a different issue. The Chaos rune is, at least in my Glorantha, one of the God Learner runes, and they were Malkioni. Heck, my Malkioni would identify the Primal Chaos as an Eranschula.

Indeed, there is a specialist order/cult of Malkioni chaos fighters in my Glorantha. They're nothing like the Uroxi, but there's at least a fair overlap in what they're fighting.

YGWV, obviously :)

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