Re: The same good ol' question : what is Chaos ?

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Arkat hated Gbaji long before he became an Orlanthi.
/// Yup. He hated the bastard who perverted the teachings of Logic and poisoned his people with disease. It was personal, a world-sized feud but still a feud. Arkat didn't care much about the concept of "chaos". Didn't he?

The Praxians struggle daily with chaos.
/// Yes. All these laughable, spiteful, hateful little tribes running around on ridiculous animals in this wasteland called pracks. Ants, as far as Glorantha is concerned. We were discussing major cultures, not footnotes :-)

Likewise the Doraddi confront Chaos from the Nargan.
/// Well they have to. They must confront any XXX that creeps out of this desert, since it's bound to want to overtake their lands.

As for the Prima Materia being Chaos, that's only a specific Malkioni philosophy the repetition thereof can get you into serious trouble in other Malkioni lands.
/// It is much more than philosophy ; it is basis for the Laws of the Universe. But it is something best discussed among learned zzaburi and certainly not mentioned before the other castes, who don't need to think about such matters anyway.

(Dara Happa) did have a chaotic problem in the Great Darkness but didn't know it as chaos. It was only through their conquest by Arkat and his minions that they acquired the classical gloranthan knowledge of chaos and are now pretty much up to speed on it.
/// As you say, DH don't know chaos as orlanthi identify it. And they got caught in the holy war led by the madman (demon ? digijelm?) that sprang from the south (as always). There is nothing chaotic in the Rich Lands. Yelm burnt it all away. The skies are clean, our lands are clean. Praise the Sun.

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