Re: The same good ol' question : what is Chaos ?

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Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 20:27:19 +0200 (CEST)


I'm not sure where the idea of Elves are as bad as chaos comes from.
/// Well many of us hate the bastards, always ready to cover our cultures, the ones that feed you and your cities, and smother the land with tree and moss. They hate us. They want to insert poison seeds in our hearts and make us our slaves. We've been fighting the plant krjalki for generations.

There are four elf forests adjacent to the lands of Loskalm and Seshnela yet the number of times the westerners have tried to wipe them out is pretty much close to zero. That wouldn't happen if the Westerners considered the Aldryami as bad as chaos.
/// Well they are so vast, so deep and so dark many hosts of good horali were swallowed by them, many zzaburi had their souls eaten away by the green demons. Over the millenia, some malkioni came to a more-or-less permanent truce. But who covered up the lands shattered by the accursed luatha (themselves clearly chaotic krjalki)? You guessed it: elves. May Malkion curse them and their plant chaos.

(Chaos nests)
The swamp of Dilis.
/// The shattered remains of an arrogant dukedom who defied its brithini overlords, and was sunk, cursed and twisted by the soulless ones.

The Borists of Ralios. / The Guild of Chaos Monks.
/// Two among many weird scola proliferating in Ralios. Would you believe some of them actually profess that Malkion Himself judges the dead souls before they enter Solace? This is as much obscene as claiming to purge a man from his errors and being mutated by such concentrated error.

Down with the "chaos-is-an-absolute-label" !            

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