RE: Re: Ompalam, Malia and other possibly chaotic dieties

From: martin.helsdon <martin.helsdon_at_iHVH7PHO4AZ73e893-RW1rxBC7MMHhUMw25dR5yb4PLNiYitpb-bZNTI2QqPQ>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 16:18:57 +0100

> Cannibalism turning people into ogres is a theory. It has evidence.
> We are told that Ogres are believed to be descended from a human
> tribe that took the side of Chaos during the Great Darkness, and
> that they eat people, and that cannibalism can cause a chaos taint.
> It's a case of connecting these three dots to make a picture, but
> yes we don't have an explicit published source.

Given that Ogres consider themselves 'overmen' (being stronger and tougher does tend to provide evidence for this) their eating of 'lesser men' isn't literally cannibalism. Could it even be that ogres are descended from a rogue group of Brithini who were swayed by chaos? To modern Brithini they might be considered with horror, not because of their chaos taint, but because they impregnate 'animal men' to propagate their race.            

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