Re: Ompalam

From: Phil Hibbs <snarks_at_Fh-jw51lEIvz6H59rkCBSvwFaYOrCb2nhmEqTgh3wxFd1ZtiMuyecTL9Z8Rn1PNuRqhIL>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 14:05:27 +0100

>> A trollkin burger is explicitly not cannibalism from a troll's POV.

Peter Metcalfe wrote:
> It is cannibalism. The troll don't have a problem with it because they
> don't see cannibalism as a wrong.

I'm pretty sure it isn't cannibalism. Even the body-eating funeral rite isn't considered to be cannibalism, because a dead body isn't an Uz any more. Not sure if that was an "official source" though.


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