Re: Ompalam, Malia and other possibly chaotic dieties

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Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 16:16:38 -0000

> I'll leave with just one final observation: this is what we seem to be
> Rape is chaotic. No exceptions.

This is touching on an area I am not comfortable going into much depth with, so I'll deliberately keep things short and simple:

I agree 100%.

However, it is worth noting that the "physical act" usually associated with the Crime of Rape is significantly similar to that involved in Procreation. It is the Context and the mental state of those involved that makes Rape so unambiguously Evil and Chaotic.

Now, back to a more pleasant subject:
> Cannibalism is chaotic unless practiced by [many examples]
> The first is nice and clean. The second had more exceptions to the rule
> than people who are actually caught by it. Until you can put forward a
> nice clean definition of chaotic cannibalism, I think we're done.

Cannibalism, for the purposes of the arguments I am making, is the Crime of Eating People. Your culture's definition of "people" and what constitutes appropriate food makes a huge difference in weather you have committed "Cannibalism" or not.

It is not the physical act of eating, or the actual meat eaten that makes it Evil, it is the mythical "wrongness" (or, perhaps, the lack of a myth to make it alright?) that allows the Chaos in.

To a trolls mind, eating a trollkin burger is no more "cannibalism" than drinking their mother's milk, or eating a scab. It's food, and it's delicious, and the priestess says it's ok to eat it. Dig in!

I believe that the Karrg Son "eat a family member" restriction is about being available for funerals, and possibly a way to foster larger "family" connections ("nobody died in my immediate family this year - time to start kissing up to Auntie Ugoboo, cause they've got several elders ready to join the ancestors any day now") It is worth noting that the geas is not "kill a family member"

I don't think i'm really much at odds with those who are saying there is a "magical reality" that makes things chaotic or not, i'm just saying that I think that "Magical Reality" is intrinsically tied to the mental and emotional state of the actors.

I think illuminates are able to maintain a mental/magical state that prevents otherwise chaotic actions from "actually" being chaotic... but one tiny slip-up or lapse of concentration, and the realization of evil can come crashing in with terribly chaotic consequences.            

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