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On 9/2/2012 8:34 AM, Simon Phipp wrote:
> I would agree. However, I can't see them mating, so perhaps they are
> more like trollkin to Mistress Race trolls.

Pavis and Big Rubble actually had a line about how the Elder Giants were made like the Jolanti, only flesh and blood instead of stone.

I dunno how true that is because Jolanti are made as is and do not grow. Also if the Elder Giants are made not born, then who made the first Elder Giant?

My opinion about Giant mythology (or rather what the Giants did during the God Time) is as follows. I'm also restricting this reconstruction to the Giants in and around Giantland and possibly Fronela (since Gonn Orta travels and lives there). Gigantic cultures further afield like say Pamaltela or south beyond Slon will be different.

In the beginning was the World Giant, the Gloranthan Ymir. By an unknown process, he splits and in his wake there are several or several dozen great giants. We could probably reconstruct the names of some of them - He Who Moves, Genert, maybe Lodril etc.

As a result of the War Against the Dragons and other mythic conflicts, the Second Generation of Giants are either killed or become stone. They leave behind the Third Generation of Giants, who are known as Gonn Orta, Gerendetho and so on.

The Fourth Generation of Giants are classical RQ Giants.

The Fifth Generation of Giants are ordinary humans. During the Storm Age, many clans of this generation left Giantland and became Orlanthi, Tadashi or Dara Happans.

An unexplained feature of the classical giants is their fondness for Human Flesh. I'm inclined to draw a parallel with Saturn devouring his children and posit that the giants eat human flesh to reverse their degeneration. The Elder Giants don't do this but I'm uncertain as to why.

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