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Eric Vanel wrote:

> The best source for your setting is definitely
> the computer game "King of Dragon Pass". It
> matches perfectly and will give you many
> adventures / encounters examples.

I've got it in the GoG website recently. Is a GREAT game, for sure, and it gives plenty of ideas for a Resettlement game :).

> Many assumptions exist about this. Some of them
> link the weapon to the Kitori and the Kingdom of
> Night. Info about Kitori and KoN can be found
> about in Sartar Companion (p245) or in "History
> of the Heortling People" p105. But the details
> on how Colymar got the Black Spear are pretty
> open.

I have "Sartar Companion" but not "HotHP". Never thought about a link between the Black Spear and the Kitori, but it makes sense, given the spear is "black" and the Kitori are heavily connected with the Darkness Rune. Food for thought!

Peter Metcalfe wrote:

>> - Does Colymar stablish a clan before entering
>> Dragon Pass? I believe he does it once they settle
>> at Nymie Valley, but I'm not sure. Is the clan
>> named "the Black Spear Clan"?

> The answer seems to be yes.
> With the blessing from the Old Orshanti Clan,
> [...], the new Black Spear clan [...] prepared
> to enter Dragon Pass.
> KoS p201

True! So they were a clan before entering Dragon Pass and their name was the Black Spear clan.

Peter Metcalfe and Jeff Richards wrote:

>> If the Orshanti Clan did give it to Chief
>> Colymar, it's probably because they didn't
>> want him to get killed. If they kept all
>> the treasures for themselves and none for
>> the new clan, nobody would go which is the
>> opposite of what they want.

> The Orshanti clan divided into two - as per the
> old laws -, and their regalia was divided between
> the two. Colymar demanded the Black Spear (and if
> I recall, nothing else), letting the Old Orshanti
> keep their other ancient treasures.

Thanks! Both very good answers, as they give me a good justification for Colymar having the Black Spear and some ideas for a scene in the beginning of the adventure.

Peter Metcalfe wrote:

>> - Finally, I've realized in "King of Sartar",
>> it's said Colymar uses some kind of "illusion
>> magic" to let the bystanders believe he and
>> his people had been devoured by a "two-headed
>> dragonewt". [...] As "S:KoH" is a most new
>> source, is the "illusion magic event" no longer
>> true?

> I doubt it. Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes is big enough
> as it is without having to cram each and every detail
> from King of Sartar in order to confirm it. Merely
> because it is not repeated in a different source
> does not mean it is not true.

I asked about it because whole paragraphs had been copied from KoS to S:KoH, and I found intriguing this particular paragraph was absent. Anyway, absence of proof is not proof of absence, so perhaps Colymar did use illusion magic to feign their death... the question is, what kind of magic did he used?

As long as I know, the Illusion Rune is the specialty of Eurmali, but no Eurmali is mentioned in the sources. I know is my game and I can just use whatever I want, but some alternatives to Colymar having a Bonded Eurmali would be great. Although a Bonded Eurmali making fun of a great group of bystanders makes sense.

Thank you all for your answers!

Best regards,

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