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Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2012 09:56:52 +1200

On 9/22/2012 12:57 AM, Andrew Larsen wrote:

> Part of what inspired this question is the quests in KoDP. Orlanth cannot fight Daga because Daga is his brother's grandson. So he needs to find another way to defeat Daga.

             Orlanth made many famous quests to preserve his
         people, one of the most famous being at the behest of his
         wife, Ernalda against Daga, god of drought. He avoided
         kinstrife because his nephew was an outlaw; and he rescued
         Heler the Rain God from the depths of Aroka the Blue

         Book of Heortling Mythology p9

However in a Flood Era dialog (BoHM p60), Ernalda tells Orlanth about Daga but worries about Kinstrife. Orlanth brushes off this concern by pointing out that he has fought all his brothers already and most of his nephews. Orlanth also vows to Molanni to justice despite the dishonor it will bring to his family and name. He is unable to defeat Daga and _then_ goes off on the Aroka Quest.

I think the problem is that Daga is a foreign deity who has been given a fictional genealogy that (unwittingly) made him a kin of Orlanth. Yet fighting Daga does not cause Kinstrife and the Lawspeakers don't have a good answer why.

> My initial sense is yes. If not, it seems that Gagarthi would frequently be responsible for kin-slaying, just in the course of acting as bandits, and therefore Gagarth would be considered a Chaotic deity, which, so far as I know, he is not.

Kinslayers and Kinstrifers are not chaotics.

> Related to this question is how close the kin-bond needs to be in order to generate a risk of chaos from kinslaying. Obviously killing a first cousin is close enough. But what about a second cousin? A third cousin? A fourth cousin?

If you asked an Orlanthi, he would say - Third Cousins? Fourth Cousins?? What are they?

The only definitions that matters is the Bloodline and Family. Fighting within the Clan can be sorted out by the Chieftain.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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