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Anyway... I finally run the adventure at the local con and it was a blast. Some players had played before in Glorantha (one of them has even a published novel) and others had only hear about it, but everyone said the setting was wonderful.

I ran the adventure using the FATE ruleset, what I find really fits the setting (not so different from HeroQuest 2 in a sense).

Players had a Barntar farmer (strongest man in the clan), a scheming Ernalda priestess, a Yinkini huntress, a grim Humakti, an Issaries skald and a adventuring Vingan explorer. They were members of the Orshanti clan when Colymar created the Black Spear clan. Three of them ended being part of the Lightbringer Ring. It was funny to see them following Colymar into Dragon Pass, finding the location of the future Clearwine Temple, exploring the Nymie Valley, talking with dragonuts, finding Orane's Loom and finally going with the Chief to the Colymar Wilds to talk with Tarndisi and Nymie. The adventure ended with the heroes fighting a giant boar before finding the Pool of Nymie and asking questions to the water goddess.

What everybody loved was the way every character could use their "Rune of [Storm/Yinkin/Earth/Death]" to create magical effects, not only to kill, but to plow, speak with dragonuts or inspire his fellow clanmembers. The adventure had a "mythical" feel we found very inspiring, like telling a chapter of an old saga.

I love Glorantha ;).

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