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Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 22:55:07 +0100

I'd suggest you have another read on the Lunar magic section/seven mothers at the back of Pavis. (I hope) we were quite thorough in trying to get the whole feel right.

Not only are there the glamour versions of rune, spirit and sorcery magic, but also the usual non-glamour versions. I think non-moon linked sorcery is pretty common, rune magic the same and spirit magic less so. The HQ rules are very simple with lunar magic working exactly the same as it's normal counterpart. I'd say the same should be for RQ. The only thing to bear in mind is that the Lunars don't really have gods and so rune magic doesn't really exist the same way. The immortals can be worshipped to get rune magic, but overall that is seen as wrong tying the individual to the world and blocking their illumination potential. Non-lunars can also worship the immortals and get simple rune magic. The disadvantage is that all Lunar magic (spirit, rune, sorcery) is cyclic.

Although I'm not an RQ player anymore, I think any lunar magic rules should be kept simple. The only thing to be aware of is how illumination is handled. In HQ2 it's a narrated thing - you finally get the access to Black Moon by going through your initiation (read adventure) into the Black Moon (and paying your 2HP for the Moon Rune Keyword or whatever). I'd hope that RQ could follow a similar path so the whole system doesn't bog down in numbers (Like in ILH2, RQ2 illumination, etc).

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> There really isn't much sorcery not tied to religion in the Lunar Empire, but there are both Lunar schools and sorcerers among the Carmanians. In both cases, they form a minority among the population (though a very important minority for the Carmanians). Lunar sorcery may well not be true sorcery in some metaphysical sense, but in rules terms, treat it as sorcery.
> Personally, I think that in RuneQuest rules terms, Lunar Magic is best modelled by combining Mysticism with other forms of Magic. Lunar Mysticism doesn't do the showy stuff like mystic martial arts, but tends towards mystic enhancement of magical abilities that sits on top of other magical abilities. This is just my opinion - and should be taken as a way to deal with Lunar magic in RQ game terms, rather than a deep statement about Gloranthan metaphysics. For game balance purposes, Lunar magic probably has some disadvantages as well (just as in HQ2 Lunar Divine magic doesn't have access to feats), disadvantages the Lunars normally compensate for by both the Glowline and Lunar mystic practices.


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