Re: Venn Diagram - Magic <> Culture

From: David Cake <dave_at_...>
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2012 02:52:31 +0800

On 12/10/2012, at 11:41 PM, Sean Foster wrote:

> Figuring RQ6 is now part of the HQ fold, at this not being really as rules question.
> The magic systems of 85% of the West, they are just Folk Magic & Wizardry (with Wizardry fulfilling the monotheistic religious magic as well as a secular magic)

Yep, Folk Magic and Sorcery.

> The magic system of 85% of Lunar Empire has Folk, Spirit, Divine & Wizardry (not tied religion). With the “Red Goddess” lunar cyclical sorcery being something different from secular and religious wizardry…let’s say Chaos Magic.

	Most of the Pelorian population probably just have Folk Magic, but are part of Divine religions (Dara Happans, Lodrili, etc). Some areas have a lot more Animist magic (Darjiin, for example, or the Char-Un of Erigia). Animism is a minority tradition amongst most of the Lunar empire. 
	There really isn't much sorcery not tied to religion in the Lunar Empire, but there are both Lunar schools and sorcerers among the Carmanians. In both cases, they form a minority among the population (though a very important minority for the Carmanians). Lunar sorcery may well not be true sorcery in some metaphysical sense, but in rules terms, treat it as sorcery. 
	Personally, I think that in RuneQuest rules terms, Lunar Magic is best modelled by combining Mysticism with other forms of Magic. Lunar Mysticism doesn't do the showy stuff like mystic martial arts, but tends towards mystic enhancement of magical abilities that sits on top of other magical abilities. This is just my opinion - and should be taken as a way to deal with Lunar magic in RQ game terms, rather than a deep statement about Gloranthan metaphysics. For game balance purposes, Lunar magic probably has some disadvantages as well (just as in HQ2 Lunar Divine magic doesn't have access to feats), disadvantages the Lunars normally compensate for by both the Glowline and Lunar mystic practices. 

> Do the Seshnelan’s have access to Divine/Rune Magic as well?

	Rokari don't. Not every one in Seshnela is a Rokari, but most are. 
	Most major Western sects have nothing but sorcery, but the henotheist sects might get a bit sloppier and tolerate a bit of divine magic here and there. There are few henotheists in Sesnela, but Tanisor is rather more mixed. 

> Do Pelorians has a religious wizardry (not the RQ3 Lunar Magic)

	Yes, there minority Lunar Sorcerous traditions, and the odd Carmanian. I don't think there are significant sections of the populace that use sorcery, though. 



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