Re: Sartar Daily Life: Stead vs Clan

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Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 18:57:16 +0200 (CEST)

IMO, the Clan was invented to do what a single Stead (or Bloodline more accurately) cannot accomplish alone. So day-to-day life is a Stead matter. The Clan allocated lands and cattle to a specific bloodline, who must make the prosper. If they don't, in theory, they can be stripped of "their" lands and cattle. There are many variations to this law, in fact possibly one set of laws per clan.

Each big effort is made at the clan level so Magics are more powerful, a raid is more successful, etc.

Young hotheads CANNOT go raid without the Chief's permission, which can be disguised - but it still must be given. If it's not, and the raid is done nevertheless, the chief can outlaw (chase off from the clan) the raiders.

All religious ceremonies -the 28 or so Holy Days - are celebrated at Clan Level. I think the only ceremonies a bloodline does alone is worshipping their own, specific ancestor, who might teach them a trick or two.

Don't forget outsiders only know Clan X as an entity. They don't differentiate between Bloodline X and Y in this clan. Any complaint or issue with someone from outside the Clan is taken to the Clan council, NOT a bloodline. "The First Purpose of a Clan is Protection".

Oh yes, you NEVER leave your stead unguarded. The Clan has a few to many professional warriors (weaponthanes or huscarls in Tarsh) who patrol all the time. And the Clan Wyter protects all steads.

Hope that helps.            

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