Re: Sartar Daily Life: Stead vs Clan

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 20:57:07 -0000

>From my point of view it will depend a lot on the clan, as Jeff said.

For most people, the 'main' village of the clan is a better place to live. It is more secure, there is more interaction with the powerful of the clan, perhaps more opportunities for your children, there is more entertainment, perhaps more chance of trickle down wealth, etc.

But I remember travelling through the rich farmlands in north central France, and noticing that you were never out of sight of a church steeple, that villages were only a mile or two apart. The reason is simple: commute time. People will tolerate only so much of their day spent travelling to and from 'work' before the cost of that drives them to move closer to work if possible. (especially when it is done on foot, along muddy foot-paths, rather than sitting in a modern car). Depending on how rich the farm land around that main village is, it will only support so many farmer who want to live there.

The other villages will still want to be within signalling range of the main village, and not too long of a walk, as people will need to go back and forth a fair bit. This tends to put a natural limit on the practical size of a tula--if the chief and his/her weaponthanes are so far away that you can't get them to come help you in case of trouble, and going to a holy ceremony adds most of a day of travel on each side of the holy day itself....maybe you are better off on your own?

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