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> Fonrit article said that Fonritans are "perverted by chaotic worship", certainly the (some) people of Fonrit worships several deities which are considered to be evil by outsiders. (Ompalam, Ikadz, Hungry Goddess...)

Fonrit is one of the eight Major cultures detailed in the upcoming Guide to Glorantha (about 5-6 pages on Culture & about 7 on geography not including pictures).

> But I wondered the meaning of "chaotic", is it like the state of Lunar Empire worships Aggataraltara? Or many degenerated, half-witted blue-skinned artmali worships cthulhu-like entities in Hyborean atmosphere?

These snippets from the Guide may help set the scene for you

"...The people of Fonrit have blue, black, or white skin, as well as any possible mixture thereof. Most of the ruling class is dark-skinned Agimori, while the most miserable slaves are predominantly blue-skinned Veldangi. The majority of the population is of mixed blue and black origin, called the Torabs..."

"...The insidious and perverse ways of the Vadeli have permeated the land, the mythology and people of the region, even though the Vadeli themselves had not been seen since the Dawn. When Garangordos quested to liberate Ompalam from Jraktal the Tap, he returned with ancient Vadeli magical insights. Over the centuries this has warped and twisted Fonritian culture and society. Slavery is omnipresent, men have usurped gods, demons are worshiped, and Chaotic magic is routinely used..."


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