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Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2012 23:08:17 +1300

On 10/22/2012 9:21 PM, Keith wrote:
> There was more than one remnant blue civilisation, for example. Their history, written by the Garangordites, is unlikely to hightlight their good points.

I realize that. It's just that in writing the bad points about why the people they conquered just had to be conquered, eating snails and shellfish doesn't exactly spring to mind as a compelling reason.

As near as I can make out the mythical sequence is something like this.

Old People's Period/Golden Age - Fonrit is known as Bandaku. The inhabitants are Agimori and other Pamaltelans (Bomonoi Fire People etc). They are opposed to Pamalt, having caused the end of the Green Age with the murder of Earthmaker.

Artmali Period/Storm Age - the Artmali and Vadeli arrive. At first they have colonies interacting with the natives but later become developed nations, finally uniting into Chir (the Zaranistangi leave before this time). Different people have different memories of this period but I think it's a cosmopolitan place rather than being Vadeli, Artmali or Doraddi. Greg's maps refer to the Skinners so I think even then they were developing a stratified society. In light of what later took place the Blueskins are numerically dominant mainly because they grow crops. As well as being drawn into the Vadeli/Mostal orbit, Chir is also waging war against Kovano (which I now think is the Jungles of Errinoru) and Genjera/Gendara to the east and Kungatu to the south, all of whom send armies against each other. I don't know what's happening in Umathela at the time. At the end of the Age, the Mostali dries out the surrounding seas, turning Fonrit into a desert.

Demon Period/Great Darkness - Desperate to revive their dying civilization, the five leaders of Chir, (the four main gods plus the Vadeli) sacrifice the Sun to create Vovisibor. They then take over Pamaltela before getting nuked by Pamalt and Zzabur. The Vadeli vanish and all that is left are successor kingdoms to Chir - not just the Blueskins.

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