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One of the great strengths of HQ2 is the ability to make up local hero/ancestor cults if you need something that isn't already written. Hero cults have just one rune, so appropriate to acrobats would be the movement, illusion, water, etc runes. Pick one that the hero has, and get them to fill it out. Have a look in Sartar:KoH (p131) and Heortling Mythology for examples to model it on.

Give them a limited scope on the affinities (as they are not the rune source).


Egin the tumbler (storm)
This Orlanthi Hero was known for his skill in dancing with the wind, and was able to perform many seemingly impossible manoeuvres using his wind magic.

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> In my group there is to be an entertainer.
> The character is more an acrobat than a singer or musician. He is of
> Dara Happan origin, but from a turncoat Lunar family, that joined an
> entertainer troupe travelling barbarian lands since long. So the
> characters patron might be either pantheon. Come of age, he now starts
> his adventurous career. So far the background to the character in question.
> I find quite some information about Donandar. I find hints to Drogarsi,
> Skovara, Mercario. (Even Lanbril as a thief aspect, you would have this
> in a class based rules system: the acrobat is the thief).
> Just from the sound of the name I think Mercario might be good for
> acrobats, but I don't find enough background. Any points to Mercario, or
> advice to another patron?
> Pomeroi


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