Re: How prevalent is magic?

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 20:05:25 -0000

I agree with Tim, and for those fairly new to Glorantha will give this comparison: Gloranthan myth is at least as complicated, varied, and self-contradictory as the Bible....without all being written down or fully known by any one person.

So in fact, there are almost always multiple 'old ways' some of which people will know about ("well yes, at one time Barntar was exiled onto the bare hills and ploughed right through the rock and grew crops in what had been bare stone, angering the dwarves, but who would choose to do things that way?"), and some of which they won't (and may deny or embrace at first exposure to them).

To stick with the example of Barntar (hardly the god that most adventurers will follow!), followers of Barntar farm rich river valleys and thin hill tops and steep slopes in between, they farm in the very temperate (if not sub-tropical) lands of Esrolia and they farm in the frigid uplands of Sartar, they farm near the skyfall where storms are frequent and sunlight scarce and they far on the borders of Prax where the ground is always thirsty. Furthermore, most clans have moved around since the start of time, and have probably had to farm in different conditions.

They couldn't have survived and thrived if they were totally locked into the one true way of doing things--they can adapt and change. But as said, they'll want to mythically prove that change is right. A clan moving from a rich, well, watered area with heavy soil to a dry and thin soil will doubt seek out appropriate magic for the new conditions, and if they can't learn it from others will seek it out through risky hero quests.

But most of the people at most times will tend to believe that they are doing things the one right way....kind of like people on earth :)

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