Re: How prevalent is magic?

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Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 22:40:48 +0100 (CET)


Sure, but all his magic (Barntar devotee) and most of his time are taken up in being Barntar.
/// True. But Barntar does not plough and harvest all year round. It's his most important Sacred Duty, but he does all what a carl does. He fixes his home, makes his tools, cares for his cattle, marries and raises children, plays hard when work is done, etc. It's a full and rich life.

He may or may not be part of the clan fyrd, because he can learn no combat magic and has limited time to practice, so someone else needs to defend him.
/// I disagree here : he is part of the Fyrd, and yields his spear to protect his clan, family and land. He does know how to fight and can probably use his Great Strength to protect. Also, he's a good brawler (several myths attest to this). I don't see him going on raids outside the tula, though. He doesn't feel the need and his Clan wouldn't risk such a precious person.

He knows little or nothing about bargaining to get a good deal for his grain, or about the customs and laws to make sure he gets goods lands.
/// I agree on both counts, but his Clan would probably get him the best lands, to get the highest yields, or the worst, to make them flourish. That's a good story: the carl gets a remote, barren part of the tula to make it bear fruit and feed the many people whom usual clan lands fail to support. Once there, with his few friends, he discovers that... voilĂ , you've got your story.

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