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Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 22:18:18 -0000

I'm going to assume you mean "show the heroes an example of each elder race to show them how weird they are."

This is how My Game Varies. Not canon.

I don't think of Aldryami as like Tolkien elves at all. They're *plants.* They are each deeply intertwined personally with their forests. They are naturally communistic, always concerned primarily with the Greater Good for the Forest. They are, in my estimation, immune to human beauty, concepts of mercy, the desire for vengeance for matters of pride, or particularly flexible about things that have been decided by the whole: who is an enemy, who is not.

I'm the guy who wrote "Mostali No Verb" the article about gloranthan languages that suggested that there are no verbs in mostali language. Verbs imply change. Change is bad. In the perfect world machine, there is no change. Mostali no verb. They are supremely inflexible, preferring to keep doing something they have been told to do even if it makes no sense at all.

Dragonewts are entirely unfathomable. A given 'newt may be friendly one time, murderous the next.

All three of these races are especially weird because their body language is TOTALLY unreadable by an inexperienced human. Dragonewts have it, but it's alien as a snake's. Elven emotions are huge, species level, and their skin is BARK, so it's not like they blush. Mostali body language, now that I think of it, would be entirely voluntary and conscious--they don't do anything by accident that isn't an error.

Mike Dawson

> I'm a newbie to Gloranta and was wondering how you introduce dragonnewts, elves, and dwarfs to your players?
> I know a little bit about them but am afraid to include them in play due to their bizarre culture. Especially the dragonnewts and dwarfs. The elves are a little more Tolkien than the others.
> Is there anything out there that gives you an introduction to these races? I have the Mongoose books but each are more than a 100 pages.
> Overwhelmed!

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