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>> Hi There

I'm a newbie to Gloranta and was wondering how you introduce dragonnewts, elves, and dwarfs to your players?   
>> Try to give them some character

of their own. Dwarves are the technologists of Glorantha so I have them as geek engineers. The first time my guys meth them it was a bunch of low level dwarves with no overseer and a bridge was down. Because this wasn't in their mission briefing they had no idea how to proceede. Until the heroes helped them out. The true mostali are true HERO level and should be good. The only one our heroes have met was able to manipulate iron without the need of forges, purely using his mind. (I had been watching the Xmen films and this was heavily based on Magnito).

are just plain weird. If you are feeling surreal then add some of these. Most can't / won't talk to humans. We had a bunch try and steal sheep from the heroes.  They refused to acknowledge the heroes at all and in frustration the heroes had to kill some before the rest walked off.  A few weeks later, long
enough for the players to forget the incident, the exact same bunch of dragonewts returned and one was given to the heroes as a servant.  He hasn’t done anything weird… yet.  Because, the Mongoose books mention something about future visions, I have decided that they can mess with time.  I am thinking about having one “live backwards” ie on their first meeting act like it knows them well and over other meetings be less knowledgeable about the heroes until it denies ever having met them.
Is there anything out there that gives you an introduction to these races? I have the Mongoose books but each are more than a 100 pages.

>>A lot of those pages is on runequest characters and places they live
etc.  Just read the stuff on their
background and the magic they can have.  This gives lots of interesting seeds for human interactions.

>>Don’t be have fun with them.  Have your players stumble across a dwarf blunderbuss
practice session.  Let them plan how to steal one of the weapons and then when they are happy that they have done so.  Let them know that they are designed so that only dwarves can operate them!

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